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USA States Map Template Download

Free PowerPoint (PPTX) download of the USA States Map Template (Fully editable)

  Document Purpose

The USA States Map Template provides a fully customizable Map of US States that can copied into PowerPoint presentations and  word documents. Each State on the map is labeled and can be relabeled according to requirements. Each State can easily be colored to highlight that State or a group of States and the map can also be resized.

The USA Map Template is ideally used in presentations where a distinction needs to be made between Sates or groups of States within the United States of America – e.g. a Sales presentation,  or as a graphical illustration of a company’s foot-print in the USA

Document Contents

  • Template overview and directions/guidance for editing
  • A USA Map with pre-colored and labeled States
  • A USA Map with a uniform color across the States, Ideal for quickly highlighting 1 or 2 States
  • A USA Map with a uniform color and all /names labels removed, Ideal for quickly re-sizing the map and editing a specific State


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